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Chapter 1: Capitalism and Education

  1. The Philosophy of Education
  2. Unsolved Problems of Modern Education
  3. The Theory of Concentrated Attention and Capitalism
    1. Montessori and Dewey
    2. The Contradiction in Progressive Education
    3. The Contradiction in Social Liberalism
    4. Market—Not Social—Liberalism

Chapter 2: Historical Origins

  1. Plato and Quintilian
  2. The Jesuits
  3. Comenius, Locke, and Rousseau
  4. Pestalozzi, Herbart, and Froebel
  5. Dewey and Montessori

Chapter 3: Foundations

  1. Intrinsicism Rejected
    1. The Doctrine and Its By-Products
    2. Expunging the Thing-In-Itself
    3. Challenging the Mechanistic Premise
  2. How We Think
    1. Implicit Measurement
    2. Conscious Differentiation, Subconscious Integration
    3. Ranges of Measurement
    4. Application and Its Relation to Action
  3. How We Act
    1. Value Formation and Behavior
    2. Self-Esteem and Independence
    3. Creativity and Imagination
  4. Volition and Learning
  5. Volition and Political Freedom
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Reviews • Detailed Contents • PrefaceExcerpts • Behind the Scenes

Cover of Montessori, Dewey, and Capitalism Detailed Contents 

Montessori, Dewey, and

Educational Theory for a Free Market in

by Jerry Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Professor of International Business and Marketing, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Kindle and Smashwords Editions

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Chapter 4: The Theory

  1. Purpose
    1. Interest, Attention, and Independence
    2. A Theory of Nurture
    3. Other Forms of Attention
  2. Method
    1. The Teaching and Learning Process
    2. Relating to the Student
    3. Prepared Environment
  3. Content
    1. The Skills of Concentrated Attention
      1. Generalization
      2. Evaluation
      3. Application
      4. Introspection
      5. Execution
    2. Acquisition of Culture
      1. Specialization vs. Well-Roundedness
      2. Subject Matter vs. Interdisciplinary Studies
  4. Concentrated Attention and Political Freedom

Chapter 5: Bureaucracy and Education

  1. Bureaucracy and Its Trappings
    1. Bureaucratic Management
    2. Bureacratic Education
      1. The Education Monopoly
      2. The Education Guild
      3. The Paraphernalia of Bureaucracy
      4. Bureaucratic Competition
      5. Bureaucracy and the Theory of Concentrated Attention
  2. The Educational Service Business
    1. The Free Market in Education
    2. A Lecture/Tutorial System
    3. Unsolved Problems of Education
  3. Privatization

Chapter 6: Independent Judgment

  1. Mental Passivity
  2. Independence
  3. Psychological Self-Awareness
  4. The Work Ahead